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Sound Effects. Sound Design. Audio Engineering.
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KNOBZ.NET is a place dedicated to sound effects, audio engineering, sound design, analog synthesis, field recording and everything related to audio-visual production. We specialize in experimental music for picture, sound effects and post-production.

Inspirations include classic and modern electronica, contemporary and classical music and all forms of experimental sound creations.

We'll keep this site updated with interesting videos/photos, music, sound effects, synthesis tutorials, sound design ideas and more...
Hope You'll enjoy our works as much as we enjoyed making them.

We are open to colaboration in all audio-visual projects, so if You have an interesting idea and want us to work with You, let us know.

Adam Pietruszko & nijanulu

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'Shades of Techno' soundbank for Moog Little/Slim Phatty in Synthz